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Note for small decals or glass use dry application.

For Dry Application Follow Steps 1-5

  1. Clean surface area with window cleaner a couple of times where decal is to be applied. If applying to paint make sure there is no wax on that area, you can use a wax remover solvent that is safe for paint. Apply when temperature is above 55 degrees.
  2. Position decal where you want it, apply a small piece of masking tape on the top corners to hold sticker in position. Now stick a piece of masking tape on either side of the decal making sure half the tape is on the decal top clear transfer tape and half is on the surface, cut tape long enough so it overlaps the ends of the decal.
  3. Flip decal over so that the back is facing out. Use a long piece of tape to hold decal in place while you do this. Slowly peel back wax paper away from sticker (If decal is sticking to the wax paper lay the decal flat and rub that area down and try again). If this is a small decal peel all the wax backing paper completely off, if this is a large decal peel wax backing off half way.
  4. Flip decal back over (facing towards the surface to be applied to). Hold one end of the decal taut, be careful not to let decal touch itself or the surface. Now with your other hand (start where the masking tape holds the decal to the surface) rub decal up or down away from masking tape, If vertical rub from masking tape side away from the tape, make sure you overlap with every up or down, side to side rub. This is to ensure you get no bubbles.
  5. There is a top clear transfer tape that needs to be removed, before you do this rub decal down again with fingers, a squeegee or a credit card to ensure adhesion. Remove top transfer tape, pull tape at 45 degree angle away from the surface slowly (don't just pull outward, keep close to the surface.) If decal lifts from the surface stick it back down and rub that area again.
  6. For wet application (good for large decals) peel wax paper backing all the way off. In a spray bottle put 1 or 2 drops of dish soap, shake well. Spray the application surface. Lay decal and surface, use a squeegee or credit card to squeegee out water trapped underneath the decal, start from the middle and work your way out while holding the decal in place. Decal will have to sit for about 5-15 minutes, rub decal again, start from the inside outward and let sit for an additional 5-15 minutes. Repeat until decal sticks to the surface. Then remove top clear transfer tape.

WARNING: If there are any air bubbles in the decal DO NOT use a needle or razor blade to poke holes in the air bubbles. Most air bubbles will flatten to the surface in a few days. Do not use a squeegee or credit card directly on the decal surface, this will scratch the decal.

Enjoy your decal.